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Taylor Galleries, 16 Kidare Street, Dublin 1 : Catherine Hammond Gallery, Glengarriff, Co Cork: EIGSE, Visual, Carlow:
Doswell Gallery, Rosscarberry, Co Cork: Vangard Gallery, Macroom, Co Cork




Tim Goulding was born in Dublin in 1945 and has lived and worked near Allihies on the Beara peninsula, West Cork since 1969. He is a member of AOSDANA (Aosdána was established in 1981 to honour those artists whose work has made an outstanding contribution to the arts in Ireland.)

Since 1964 he has exhibited extensively, including solo and group shows in Ireland, England, Portugal and the USA.

For many years Tim has worked in series, often spending three or four years on one subject. These collections can be radically different in both style and content but always stay true to a response to what appears in his life both visually and emotionally. Click on the left hand menu to see examples of these.



Being equally at home in abstract and representational forms of expression he sees little difference in what makes a painting successful. Try turning a Chardin upside down.

Painting is akin to keeping a journal for him and he likes to work in series inspired by whatever might enter his field of vision. Not for him the safety of a set production line. His predilection is to taste and test the world or as he describes his modus operandi "see and play".




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Since the beginning of his career, when he first began to exhibit at The Irish Exhibition of Living Art in 1965, Tim Goulding's paintings have been inspired by nature; both the rugged landscape in which he lives, hillside fields, little villages nestling below rocky mountain slopes, disused copper mines, sea caves, the rocky coastline and the sea, as well as themes such as the elements and bog fires.
Dr Julian Campbell, 2008


"Tim Goulding leaves his door open for whatever the wind may bring in."
The late poet, Sean Dunne.


"Invariably the hunt starts when I enter unknown territory and use means that I have no knowledge of. The challenge is to go right over the brink of what I've already learnt. Floundering in uncertainty, I wait to pick up a new scent."
Tim Goulding, 1991.