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Interview: ‘The artist and place’.

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INTERVIEW WITH TIM GOULDING, 2009.  'The Artist and Place'. 1. How long have you lived in the Beara Peninsula?   TG: Since 1968-forty years. I came here from Wicklow, near Enniskerry. I came first to visit a friend who had bought a house here. I just took one look at the place and I fell in love with it. Plus I was looking to buy a house at the time. I came from a very wooded landscape in Wicklow, the Garden of Ireland. This is the complete opposite in some ways.   What was it about the Beara Peninsula that attracted...

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In conversation with Kiernan Burke and Helena Korpela

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Tim Goulding In Conversation with Kiernan Burke & Helena Korpela Saturday, 05 November 2005. (Our conversation with Tim took place on Monday, October 24, 2005 at his home in Allihies. Tim's new show, (inspired by his travels during the months of December, 2004 to March, 2005 to Mexico, Thailand, Australia, the Marquesa Islands and other distant spots) runs from November 13 to 30, at the OS|B Gallery in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow.) HK: I think that the very lovely change from this (referring to an earlier...

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On not pinning the jellyfish to the wall

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On Not Pinning The Jellyfish To The Wall Julie Aldrich, artist and art therapist, in conversation with the artist   Julie: I don’t know what to say. The universe’s intention is to get us so that we can’t say anything anymore. These are your ‘Songs of Silence’, they have achieved their object, and they have already had their effect. They are quite meditative.  Tim: Then I think it might be better to start with ‘The Floating World’.   Julie: I do too. ‘Floating World’ feels...

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