' Sound of Waves' is a book published by the renowned Irish photographer Liam Blake. It is a superb photo essay of the Dingle Peninsula in Co Kerry. A hardbacked limited edition of 75 copies of the book has been produced (and sold out immediately). It features a poem by Nobel prizewinning poet Seamus Heaney entitled 'The Peninsula' and contains a CD called 'An Turas' ( 'The Journey') by Tim Goulding. The book is signed by Liam , Seamus and Tim. The project is dedicated to the memory of Helen Strong.
'An Turas' is a musical evocation of Helen's last journey and features the sound of the sea on the East Coast, where she left us. The instumentation includes electric guitar from Ivan Pawle, fiddle by Joe Thoma, drums by Barnes Goulding, hammond organ by Kevin Strong, classical guitar by Chris Muijzert, vocal snippet from Trish Strong and low whistle, piano and sequencing by Tim.
'A Timeless Place' is the second track on the CD. By Chris and Mo Muijzert, it started as sounds and sonic treatments collected in preparation for An Turas. Inspired by works by Jean-Claude Risset, Gilius van Bergeyk and others. The collection gained shape until it seemed to create a private time and place to remember those lost to the sea.
The proceeds from the limited edition were donated to the wonderful Samaritans organisation....unsung heroes.
Those wishing to hear this CD should contact Tim at: winterpoodle@eircom.net and he can send a CDR with a request for a small donation to your local Samaritans organisation.
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