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Midnight Fry Recipe: 

Stunning vocals, ambient soundscapes, chill-out interludes, cutting edge samples-all prepared in a bowl of World and Celtic spices by Ireland's finest contemporary musicians.

'Midnight Fry', the new album from Tim Goulding is a beautiful mixture of melodic songs, Celtic influences and digital exploration..........Great vocals, creative music crafted by musicians who obviously love performing their undoubted talent.  Alan Corr, Limerick Leader July 29th 2000 

"Midnight Fry is much like the landscape of West Cork: giddy with shadows and swept with glorious, wildly coloured flourishes of light" Irish Examiner 

"Tim Goulding retains the ability to surprise and enthrall.......'Midnight Fry' is the work of a maverick who has decided to ignore the dictates of fashion and go his own way"
Hot Press 

"This is certainly Tim G in crossover mode, blending the skittish rythms of the contemporary dance scene with mellower sounds from the world of Roots. And very capably, too. The album's showpiece is the 8 and a half minute "O-Mane", a rich ratatouille of dance grooves, jangly Irish folk, Miles Davis interludes, ethnic drum talk and the sound of falling water. 
Be Glad

With Midnight Fry you'd swear Tim Goulding (Doctor Strangely Strange) got off the train marked 'Beck' for such is its foxy mix of folk, blues and ambient hysteria set amidst cool vocals.
John O'Regan's 'fROOTS Critics Choices of 2000



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  1. On the Fly 

  2. Piece of Cod

  3. O' Mané

  4. Father's Song

  5. The Miracle

  6. Broken Relations

  7. Footsoldier

  8. Riding High

  9. O' Mané unwaxed

  10. Eagle Hill

  11. Toast your own [bonus track] On CD only.




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