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Ireland word images


Poem to be published in 'Ireland in Word and Images', Welcome Books, New York
Publication date: 15th September, 2013



Fish Publishing Poetry Competition, 2013
'Return from the Front' longlisted in the competition.


Wounded soldiers turned up at my door
Some fresh from the front lines
Others from deep cover assignments.
Most were burnt out from years of combat;

Battle weary and shell shocked.
I considered myself a pacifist,
Who had little sympathy for the politics of strife
But how could I turn them away?

For their sake and mine
It was better to make them welcome
And dress their wounds.

Gradually I saw past the camouflage.
I found myself shaking hands with old acquaintances:
Anxiety, fear, indecision, doubt
Jealousy, anger, and existential angst;
These were among their ranks.

I bow to them now for what they reveal.



Rudra Nua's new 'Book of Days' now available through


Book Launch

Rudra Nua will be reading a few poems at The Eldon Hotel Skibereen on Thursday 7th March at 9.00 pm to celebrate the launch of Pat 'The Barber' Crowley's book 'The Rose and The Stone'.  All welcome