"Narrow Streets"

The streets are narrow in this part of town.
The inhabitants lean from their windows,
Chatting and gesticulating.
They can almost touch.
Whether it's to get air or entertain themselves with the affairs of others it's hard to know.

The cat tucks her head in when asleep.
The hedgehog curls into a ball to defend herself.
The owl is wide awake when others sleep.
This animal is often asleep when wide awake.

Put the puzzle back in the box.
To have no inkling of the process clears the ground for new marvels.

*** *** ***

"I am not"

I paint pictures,
But I'm not a painter.
I play music,
But I'm not a musician.
I write poems,
But I'm not a poet.
I am a father, husband and brother
But none of these things I am.

Everything I do,
I am not.
Everything I think,
I am not.

There is a wealth of things I am not.
But on further enquiry into this
I cannot find a single scrap of what I am.

Here begins the vastness of being.

***   ***   ***